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New release (2021)

Cévenol hivernal

Cévenol hivernal

Selected albums

All albums can be downloaded for free (mp3) on Jamendo and, for more recent ones, on Bandcamp, and are all available in the terms of the Creative Commons licenses.

For any info / commercial use in a short or feature film / soundtrack composition >>> contact.


Feeling tired of dusty festoù-noz?
eNoz features a set of fest-noz dances, mixing traditional melodies with electronic sounds.
All dances can be danced as traditional Breton fest-noz dances!

eNoz uses several analog synthesizers, as well as a Breton binioù-kozh.

eNoz has been playing (in this configuration or with other bands) in Brittany, throughout Europe, in Taiwan and Japan.

All music by eNoz can be downloaded, recorded, modified, played, and republished following the terms and conditions of their license (Creative Commons).

For any info / line-up >>> contact.

A few examples (Rond de Saint-Vincent, ridée 6, an dro, hanter dro, ton simpl plinn…) can be listed online on the following albums:


eNoz fest-noz Paris

eNoz is a Breton electronic music artist.

"e" for electronica, and "Noz" for "night" in Breton… eNoz is born from this alloy. Active since 2006, eNoz has been moving Breton traditional music into the beats of electronic music. And from time to time, we see him in electronic festoù-noz.

eNoz has also composed the original soundtrack of numerous short films and feature films, including "Living in Seduced Circumstances" by Ian Gamazon, "Living With Dead Hearts" by Charlie Custer and Leia Li, as well as "Midnight Globe" by Jonathan Musset.


Email demat (a) enoz.bzh

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